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What is the climate in Lombok

In Indonesia you can enjoy different islands at different times of the year, but the differences in climate in the territory are actually slightly marked, even if in general Indonesia is subject to an equatorial climate, hot and humid.


Climate in Indonesia

The archipelago who stretches along a horizontal line, except for the large island of Borneo, enjoys a humid climate (which generates its great luxuriance). Everywhere in Indonesia you can enjoy temperatures never below 23 ° C with a maximum of 32-34°C, with a rainy season from November to March and a dry season from April to October.

Lombok, Gili Nanggu island

The real rainy months are January and February. Generally avoid Indonesia in January, even if you will still enjoy beautiful days. As this is the “low season” deserted by tourists, you can beneficiate from very interesting prices.

The temperature of the ocean surface does not drop below the 26-28°C, all year.


The dry season in Lombok

It normally extends from early April to late October, with temperatures between 26 and 32°C on the coast. The air is dry, seldom rain (especially in July and August). It is also the “high season” and rates of course are at their maximum (especially in July and August).


Rainy season (monsoon)

The rainy season extends from early November to late March, with stronger rainfalls in January and February. However, throughout this season and depending on where you stay on the island (north or south), you could not get more than a few tropical showers for one to two hours a day. Then the sun comes back and the colors explode! On the other hand it will be the mangoes season that you will enjoy for breakfast or in fabulous local dishes.

Here is a picture taken at the end of the first week of December, Gili Nanggu island in the south-west of Lombok:

The months of January and February can have rain records, especially in the north of the island. In January it can rain for several days in a row without stopping. If it does not rain, especially at the beginning and end of the rainy season, humidity in the air can reach 85%. It is time to enjoy the constant breeze from the sea.

Here is a link for 5 days Lombok weather forecast.
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Alert: the government closed access to the Mount Rinjani during the rainy season, in order to avoid accidents (each year 2-3 people used to die trying to reach the top during the rainy season being badly equipped or guided).


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