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Review: Bumbu Cafe, restaurant in Senggigi

For a foreigner one of the undeniable attractions of holidays in Indonesia is the low cost of living, and therefore the ability to make the most of a much lower budget than for a vacation in Europe (for example). One of your regular pleasures, no doubt, will be to track the best restaurants offering local food for less than 5 to €10 for a full meal. I propose here a test of the Bumbu Cafe, Senggigi.

Bumbu Cafe restaurant, Senggigi, Lombok

The town of Senggigi spreads along the main road following the coast, aligning restaurants of all size and types, giant karaokes, small supermarkets, guest houses, hotels and pensions for backpackers. The Bumbu Cafe is located just before the end of Senggigi when you head north. It’s a safe bet. Any taxi will know the address!

The place is a covered terrace, safe during rainfalls (common in the rainy season). The welcome is nice (sometimes a little absent), but efforts to share a joke or two in English or other language learned over the years with tourists. I have not always been there with an Indonesian friend and never had a problem to order. Tables (topped with red) and dishes are clean, and chairs comfortable.

The restaurant Bumbu Cafe is for tourists: the card rather generous, offering a fine blend of Indonesian dishes (nasi campur, nasi goreng, sate ikan,…), Thai food (curries and lemongrass soup), and European dishes. Here you can also order a plate of spaghetti bolognese or if you want fish and fries.

Bumbu Cafe restaurant, Senggigi, Lombok

The picture above shows a curry with cashew nuts (produced in Lombok), lowest I photographed a squid salad and grilled fish for one person.

Bumbu Cafe restaurant, Senggigi, Lombok

In fact, every time I went, I enjoyed the relaxed home atmosphere, the smiling staff and the variety of the menu. Plates are generous, so that you might not need to order a starter plus a main course. No sophisticated presentation on the plate but the goal to serve food cooked properly and a fresh well grilled fish. The nasi goreng special (with chicken and egg) is generous, the nasi campur is like the one you will be served in your guest house in the evening. Note curries are excellent (I would recommend the “mussamun” or the peanuts!).


Opening at 11am in the morning you can eat any time during the day. Practical since you might not be hungry before 2 or 3:00PM if you had a solid breakfast in your hotel. You will then start to look urgently for a good, friendly restaurant with an efficient service with a smile. The place is clean, pleasant, the plates are generous, prices more than reasonable. Upon request, a car will pick you up and bring you back to your hotel or your rental villa for free. If you rent a villa in the area just call the Bumbu Cafe: you will be delivered any dish on the menu at no additional cost, in just the time to prepare your order. Really efficient!

Located along the road, it may seem a little noisy from time to time if you are looking for a peaceful place. Some vendors will come to offer sarongs and other local products during the day and will have a hard time to give up if you look interested. If not just wave your head no with a big smile. This is the most efficient way to have them go.


This blog, Discover Lombok is not a traditional review site but an information blog about Lombok. If you also have tested the Bumbu Café restaurant do not hesitate to leave a little comment below to help our readers, including the month and year of your meal, the type meals you’ve tested and the reasons why you wish to recommend or not this restaurant. Thank you!
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