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Mawun Beach, one of the most beautiful beach

Mawun Beach is one of the gems that you would like to keep for yourself, not because we are selfish, but just to protect them from too much visitors and therefore an inevitable destruction of this environment. But how to keep secret the name of one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen in the world? … Mawun Beach is in my Top 5 of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Before you go make sure you have taken your bathing suit, a sarong or a beach towel to lay on the sand, a cap or hat, a pair of sunglasses and above all your sunscreen!

South Lombok, Mawun Beach

This is the road between Kuta and Mawun Beach:

South Lombok, on the road to Mawun Beach

To get to Mawun Beach you should leave around 8:00am if you live on the west coast around Senggigi:

• From Senggigi you will need about 2 hours to get there. The road is easy to Kuta (Main town in south Lombok) but traffic can be dense when crossing Ampenan or the outskirts of Mataram and then going through Praia. You will also stop several times along the way to admire the scenery and take pictures. In Praia you might stop on the roadside to buy some seasonal fruits and bottles of water from street vendors for a picnic on the beach. You can also take the option of a local breakfast in one of the small low cost restaurants on the way (Warung). In Kuta, take the road on your right towards Bangkang and enjoy great views of the ocean from the freshly paved road until Mawun.

• If you are staying in Kuta, it will take you only 20 to 25 minutes by car or scooter to Mawun Beach. But you will also probably stop to admire the coast from the road or be intrigued by some open gold mines.

Stop your vehicle on the small and shady parking area (you will pay a small parking fee coming out), buy a sweet small pineapple prepared for you with a smiles for a few cents Euro, lie on the beach and admire…

South Lombok, Mawun Beach

I had the chance to see many, many beautiful beaches on the five continents: white sand in the Maldives, golden sand in Brazil, black volcanic sand on the Reunion island and in Iceland (As in Lombok), or pink sand Bermuda and the Bahamas. Yet… Mawun Beach with its sand that squeaks under your feet leave you speechless: This wide sheltered emerald lagoon is protected by two rocky headlands to offer calm and peaceful waters. Just splendid!

South Lombok, Mawun Beach

Happy surprise in Indonesia: the beach is almost spotless with just few fishermen in the lagoon, a breeze coming from the Indian Ocean murmuring through the palm trees behind, and you will be sure that you will return one day to Mawun Beach…

We located for you this beach on the map below. Do you think you would enjoy this beach too?…

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